September School Holidays Kids High Tea

KIDS HIGH TEA SPECIAL – $20 Per Child (ages 3 to 12)
Weekdays only, Bookings Essential. 

This September school holidays we will be taking bookings for Kids High Tea which will consist of-
Fresh Plain Scone with jam and cream
Strawberry sprinkle ribbon sandwich
Chocolate Tart
One drink of choice.

We have a small private room available for groups of up to 15, which has a record player and knitting baskets for the kids to play with.

Our quest to lure a prince!!

By Manager, Ash.
Last week Prince Harry was in Sydney, and the all female staff at the Tea Cosy were very excited by the prospect that he may come in for scones and a cuppa. We go to talking about what was the best way to lure him in if he happened to walk by. I came up with the idea of putting up a sign to attract him, which you can see below.

harrysignOur sign got a big reaction online and from passers by who were stopping to take pictures. On Friday I was very surprised to get a call from the Daily Telegraph asking if they could come in and interview us about the sign, and take a few photos. I was very excited and of course said YES (Harry reads the paper doesn’t he?). We hurried to make ourselves look decent and the photographer arrived about an hour later, we volunteered the lovely Jana to be our model and she looked perfect as the want to be princess in waiting. 

The next morning I was at the newsagent at 5am and couldn’t believe it when I saw the article was almost full page on page 5!! WOW! It looked really great, and even had a plug for our scones. The paper actually quoted me saying ”The waitresses are all princesses anyway. Meanwhile, I am married with kids but, hey, I would ditch them in a heartbeat for Harry. Just don’t tell my husband that.” Ooopss! lucky my husband is understanding of my celebrity crushes.

I couldn’t wait to get to work and put up the clippings. From the time we opened on Saturday people came in talking about the article and asking if Jana was working that day, and if Harry had come in yet.

Prince Harry

You can read the story online here
We had a great weekend being in the limelight of the media, and met a lot of lovely people. The sad news is Prince Harry did NOT come in, at one point on Saturday he was 500m down the road.

I am officially out of ideas for hooking a prince. Maybe next time we’ll try starving ourselves and deportment classes instead.